MGSC Standing Committees

MGSC is looking for students to serve in the positions on the Standing Committees. Students members of MGSC Standing Committees benefit by:

  • Becoming involved in the governance of Middle Georgia State College,
  • Seeing how policy development and implementation works,
  • Learning more about Middle Georgia State College from the “inside”,
  • Becoming more familiar with faculty and staff members,
  • Meeting other students with similar interests,
  • Developing substantial resume material.

The link below directs you to the application form, which also provides more information about each of the committees in need of student representation.  With the recent approval of the Faculty Senate bylaws, the committees and the number of students needed on each are:

  • Campus Safety Committee – 5 students (one student from each campus)
  • Library and Technology Resources Committee – 2 students
  • Student Affairs Committee – 5 students (one student from each campus)
  • Student Conduct Board – 25 students (five students from each campus)
  • Student Honors, Awards, and Graduation Committee – 5 students

Application for Student Membership on the Middle Georgia State College Standing Committees and Boards

Please complete and return for to the Office of Student Affairs located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Life Center, room 276.